Highest Quality Training for All Fitness Levels

Intelligent Exercise, LLC is dedicated to improving overall physical performance and quality of life through movement and fitness. The company informs individuals through physical awareness, biomechanics and efficiency of movement.  We create thoughtful and challenging workouts that integrate into activities of daily life, improving overall movement performance for athletes and special needs clients alike.

Intelligent Exercise is a landmark elite studio in Ann Arbor located on the south side.  We’ve been in business since 2005.    Our hours are dependent on client demand and typically run daily Monday through Sunday.  We focus on biomechanics, using the Pilates method, Core Align, Intelligent Exercise Barre, Resistance and Functional Training and Fascia Training.  We are an education center and host site for Balanced Body, Inc., and offer certification in Barre and Comprehensive Pilates.

We help our clients thrive in a positive, clean and energizing environment by maintaining individualized goals in each session.  All sessions are led by experienced instructors with specialty certifications.  These specialties range from training athletes, to pre/post-natal, to back care.  We are a fully equipped Pilates studio, have all small props, and equipment for functional and resistance training as well.  Our clientele ranges from professional athletes to seniors and adult professionals as well as clients with special needs.   We specialize in creating an environment for every individual to receive elite training. 

Intelligent Exercise is an instructor training studio. We provide high quality instructor training through Balanced Body, Inc., which includes the full repertoire of traditional exercises along with modifications and the use of creativity to make Pilates successful for clients of all ages and abilities.  The goal is to teach aspiring movement educators a solid foundation for teaching movement in general as well as critical thinking so that each client they train will have the best experience.