See what our clients are saying about Intelligent Exercise!

I loved class!!! I went home raving about how everyone at your studio is so in tune with things! I’m glad I found you guys.
— Kristine S.
Intelligent Exercise provides me with a very intense, challenging and advanced Pilates workout. The classes are small, devoted to detail, while also being educated to the impact of your anatomy. Each and every class starts with how each student feels, what may ail them that day, and adjustments made for that person, while the intensity for others remains consistent. Pure perfection.
— Denise L
The mental focus required for Pilates movements and the improvement I’ve seen in the quality of daily movement has helped to counteract the stresses of everyday life and keep me strong through aging. Attention to structural integrity has educated me to be aware of my body and give me the tools to live healthfully.
— Mark H.
Melissa is an amazing teacher. I am in the bridge program and only needed one reformer module. I learned so much from her that I now would like to take the other two modules!
— Anonymous
I’ve taken Pilates classes at some wonderful studios all across the country, but the instructors I’ve had at Intelligent Exercise top them all! Saturday morning mat class has become such a wonderful part of my weekend and I always look forward to it.
— Stephanie R
As a competitive athlete, I always assumed I had decent body awareness and control. I couldn’t have been more wrong. It wasn’t until I started training [at IE] that I learned how to use my core with each movement and found muscle groups I never knew existed. [IE] helped me recover from a back injury, showed me how to stretch effectively and gave me a deep appreciation for Pilates. Intelligent Exercise is my absolute favorite place to work out...and has helped make me a better athlete on and off the ice.
— Alissandra
I am grateful for the knowledge and support I have received from [Intelligent Exercise] over the past year. After struggling with a back injury for four years, I was apprehensive to try many of the Pilates exercises. [Intelligent Exercise] was adaptive to my personal needs and put emphasis on developing the muscles needed to protect my back. With my new understanding of my body I am able to participate in all my athletic hobbies while protecting and maintaining a healthy back.
— Nicole B
Catherine (Cat) is an incredible personal trainer. I’m 8 months pregnant and still doing weekly Pilates sessions with her. She is keeping me strong and my baby safe. I look forward to our weekly sessions. Amazing trainer and really positive environment.
— Leah H.
Thank you for all your careful guidance and patience through my recovery. I know we’re moving slowly, but I feel challenged. It’s a miracle I can do this at all, and I certainly couldn’t, if I hadn’t found such a skillful and compassionate instructor.
— Anonymous
Best place for pilates in Ann Arbor! Skilled trainers and awesome people :-)
— Mia
The new Barre class is very different from other Barre classes I’ve taken because there is much more focus on abdominal engagement...and proper form. Other classes I’ve taken often went too fast to facilitate proper form. The instructor’s keen eye and depth of expertise can catch and correct any issues which helps to avoid injuries. In this class you will not only get a butt and legs workout but an abdominal workout as well.
— Deb K.