Shana Victor, Apprentice pilates Trainer

Shana Victor, Senior Trainer
Comprehensive Pilates Trainer

My Philosophy: I believe that people of all shapes, sizes, and ages can enjoy movement and learn more about their bodies through pilates. I believe that practicing the Pilates method can encourage self-confidence, and help keep us healthy and happy regardless of ability. Our bodies are amazing tools - Let’s start appreciating what they can do!

I started my Pilates journey over five years ago and continue to be impressed by how good I feel after doing pilates, and how strong and capable I’ve become!  As a teacher I want to help people reach their personal goals whether it be flexibility, coordination, balance, strength training, or even de-stressing after a long week! I’m here to help you reach your full potential and feel great!

I have trained in mat, reformer and all apparatus through the Balanced Body Teacher Training Program and look forward to working with you! I am available for private training  duet sessions, and classes.

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