michelle deer, comprehensive pilates instructor

Michelle Deer
Comprehensive Pilates Instructor

My love of Pilates began with my first class and has grown into becoming a Comprehensive Pilates Instructor.  I was looking for a way to strengthen my body and what I found with Pilates is the ability to strengthen with control while gaining flexibility. I had NO idea a body could move in such a way. In January 2013 when offered the chance to help others I quickly jumped at the opportunity and started my training to become a Pilates Instructor. In March 2014, I passed my practical exam and was awarded my Comprehensive certificate.

I love Spin, TRX and HIIT training, but this type of training is very hard on one’s body and without proper form can cause damage. I thought I was using good form until I started working with a Pilates instructor. She quickly showed me how to up my game at the gym by using good posture while incorporating core. I am hooked...

I bring a different feel to the studio, with my training from McEntire Education and BioCored. Science has supported the idea that the healing processes of the Pilates Method restores the disruption of mind, body and spirit that happens to all of us through everyday stresses, poor eating habits and spiritual disconnection that distance us from the natural balance we were all born with – homeostasis.

Corrective physical exercise triggers biochemical changes that spur neuroplasticity, helping us achieve balanced and healthy mind-body- spirit connections and returning us to homeostasis. As Joseph Pilates noted, “A body free from nervous tension and fatigue is the ideal shelter provided by nature for housing a well-balanced mind, fully capable of successfully meeting all the complex problems of modern living.”

The McEntire method uses corrective physical exercise to teach the body new movement patterns that will allow the owner to work and live in the everyday world without restrictions. Feel your body moving in ways you thought were impossible and working hard to achieve your goals.

MY ultimate Pilates goal is to become a team trainer. I love working with Athletes, but also enjoy post rehab work helping those recovering from injuries. There is no better feeling then watching a client walk without pain, no longer having the fear of falling because their balance is off, or going up and down stairs with no knee trouble.

In addition to my comprehensive certification, I also bring with me certificates in BioCored, Arcus, Anatomy in 3D and Yoga Fit. I’ve attended The McEntire Summit specifically for Golf, completed courses in Osteoporosis, and beginner/advanced Jump Board, and Core Align.

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