john martin, comprehensive pilates trainer

John Martin
Comprehensive Pilates Trainer

I am a member of a fast growing group of folks who are committed to living well and aging with gusto!  I started my Pilates practice 5 years ago to improve balance and flexibility. It worked. I have better balance and flexibility than I've had in many years.  My life has always been filled with exercise and movement; including running, swimming, biking, and hiking, kayaking, and skiing. Fifty years ago, I played college sports. Forty years ago I ran and biked. Thirty years ago I participated in half marathons and triathlons. Twenty years ago I was jogging. Ten years ago brought kayaking, skiing, and walking.  Now, Pilates has taken me to new levels of fitness.

As my coach and trainer says, “I'm a Pilates nerd”, grabbing every opportunity to learn. I've successfully completed a comprehensive Pilates instructor training program through Balanced Body, that includes Modules in Mat 1, Mat 2, Reformer 1, Reformer 2, Reformer 3, Trapeze Table, Chair and Barrels: Module 1, 2, and 3, and“Anatomy for Movement Professionals”.  My own practice consists of hundreds of hours of Pilates sessions.

Pilates is not just for the young. Pilates is not only for middle age folks. Pilates is certainly not exclusively for women. Pilates is for people who want to increase core strength, improve flexibility, enhance balance, improve and align posture, as well as strengthen muscles.

I can help you with all of the above, in a safe, supportive, and confidence building environment.  I work part time at Intelligent Exercise when I'm not out enjoying retirement and traveling the world.

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