Benjamin Pawson
Sports Movement Specialist

From the time I first stepped onto an athletic field until the present day, human movement has always been a large part of my life. I really attained my first passion for movement when I was a student athletic trainer in high school. To further my knowledge, I attended Grand Valley State University and received my BS in Clinical Exercise Science. While attending GVSU, I realized that I wanted to help the masses battle things like obesity, chronic pain, and even common neurological disorders. In order to do so, I would need to be able to give people the gift of human movement. About this time, I fully discovered the beauty of Applied Functional Science which originated in my hometown of Adrian, MI. Applied Functional Science is a movement approach that relates the body, mind, and the spirit. You cannot touch one without touching the other two. This whole body approach using gravity and ground reaction forces allows me to strengthen one's body in ways that are functional to everyday life and incorporates strength, coordination, balance, and mobility exercises in each session. 

benjamin pawson, sports movement specialist

I knew that AFS was the way that I would be able to gift people movement while also creating a positive and uplifting environment. While completing a 40 week mentorship program with Gary Gray himself (the inventor of AFS), I also did an internship in Washington, DC. My experience in DC coupled with my experience in physical therapy has allowed me the opportunity to work with a variety of clientele which ranges from college athletes to the weekend warrior to senior citizens! I have been truly blessed with working with this variety of individuals and love being a part of their continued story of life. With a whole body movement assessment and my knowledge of chain reaction biomechanics, a detailed program can be created for any individual.

Human movement is a journey and with the tools I have learned over the years, I truly look forward to continuing that journey with any individual looking to be impacted through three facets: mind, body, or spirit.

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