The Perfect Team

Fully Educated in the Pilates Method, Wide Range of Specialties

Our trainers are comprehensively trained and have additional specialty certifications ranging from Barre, to back care, protocols for post PT, to training athletes. At Intelligent Exercise, LLC our trainers have diverse backgrounds and are highly skilled using bio-mechanics as the main tool to observe form, and help clients maintain proper alignment in all exercises to achieve maximum results.  Our trainers create thoughtful and challenging workouts that integrate into activities of daily life, improving overall movement performance for athletes and special needs clients alike. Below is a list of our specialists who would love to work with you!

Our Training Specialists

Kinsey Bondy
Apprentice Trainer

melissa francis, owner, master trainer, PMA CPT, balanced body faculty

Melissa Francis
Owner, Master Instructor, NCPT &  Balanced Body Faculty

Jennifer landells, master pilates trainer, balanced body faculty

Jennifer Landells
Master Instructor
Balanced Body Faculty

shana victor, pilates apprentice trainer

Pat Lay
Pilates Instructor


Cat Pinnell
Certified Pilates Trainer (NCPT)

beca torres-davenport, group trainer
john martin, comprehensive pilates trainer

Beca Torres-Davenport
Group Trainer

Shana Victor
Comprehensive Pilates Instructor



Jen cain, director of business evolution

Jen Cain
Director of Business Evolution