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Featured Small Equipment Classes

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Intelligent Barre
Get yourself moving in our version of a ballet barre class that stays true to our belief that, “form is everything”. Don’t worry, we’ll bust your butt and crush your abs, but we aren’t going to do it at the expense of joint or back health. Precision of motion and correct biomechanics are still the focus, the music helps distract from the burn.

Pilates Mat
Pilates mat is traditionally known as the most challenging of the Pilates work outs because, "it's all you".  We have all levels of mat classes with trainers comprehensively certified to bring the absolute best quality mat classes in the area.  Where better to do Pilates mat than a specialized Pilates Studio!

Fascial Training
Apply the latest fascial research to your practice. The importance of fascia, or connective tissue, in movement has been underestimated until recently. Our Master Trainer and Fascial Specialist uses multidirectional exercises, flowing movement, proximal initiation and tempo variation for a class that challenges mind and body. The result is fascial release, balancing and organization for better movement.

Join our dance party and take the “work” out of workout! Zumba and Zumba Gold combine all elements of fitness – cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility, boosted energy and a serious dose of awesome each time you leave class. Our Zumba Gold class is designed to help build bone while mixing in the fun!

Featured Large Equipment Classes

Reformer Release & Align
Use the reformer to stretch and organize fascia. But don't be fooled, this class works your body deeply and intensely. Feel things you didn't know needed stretching, strength and balance. Appropriate for those with reformer experience.

Reformer Classes
Work in perfect alignment and form in small focused traditional reformer classes of all levels.  The reformer can add challenge or increase assistance using spring resistance.

Core Align
Intelligent Exercise is the only studio in southeast Michigan with Core Align classes.  This innovative piece of equipment is like standing Pilates with a reformer under each foot.  You'll feel instant feedback to improve gait, function and athletic performance. 

Bodhi Ropes
Come play on our 4-point suspension system. Four points of suspension allow for endless opportunities to suspend the body from each point: single arm or single leg to all four limbs for a real suspension challenge!

Mixed Equipment
We have a fully stocked professional Pilates studio and combine Cadillac/Tower, Chair and Reformer for the full and true Pilates experience.

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