Cat Pinnell
Comprehensive Apprentice Trainer

Cat started her fitness career in college as a teacher’s assistant in one of her aerobics classes in 2000. As she learned more about fitness, she couldn’t get enough and decided to pursue a career in the military to tackle even more physical challenges. After her enlistment in the Marine Corps, she continued to be active and try new classes at her local gym. This is where she fell in love with Pilates for the first time.

Cat studied Exercise Sport Science at the collegiate level. She graduated in 2010 with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse. While in school and beyond, she taught many fitness formats (including Pilates), assisted many individuals with personal training needs, and worked in management capacities in the industry.

Cat moved to Ann Arbor in the early spring of 2017. As she settled in to her teaching schedule, she became drawn to Pilates once again. The passion for Pilates burns bright in Cat’s heart. Initially, she enjoyed the challenge of the movements and the results she saw in her body physically. While re-discovering Pilates in 2017, she continued to enjoy the challenges and outward physical benefits, but other good things were happening that made Pilates even more profound for her. Several chronic issues, including knee and hip injuries and pain, threatening her ability to teach, were dissolving with hard work and Pilates. On top of it all, this method of exercise has helped Cat re-gain strength and confidence that was lost due to injury and pregnancy. She decided that following her Pilates passion was her new path in her fitness career and started her training with Balanced Body in 2017. When her training and student teaching are complete, she will be comprehensively certified in Pilates through the Pilates Method Alliance.

 When you work with Cat expect to share the transformative effects of Pilates with her in a supportive and welcoming environment!